THE HEALTH OF YOUR WEALTHSMCreate wealth through effective rainmaking and manage
that hard earned wealth through prudent financial management

Howard's Mission

Howard Wolkowitz is the author of, The Health of your Wealth book series, Your Financial Guide to what they never taught you in Medical School, Nursing School, Business School and Law School and It's Raining Clients book series., Find the Rainmaker Inside of You and Moving from Book Builder to Business Builder.

After realizing that he couldn't keep a job and he couldn't work for anybody, Howard became a small business owner. He realized early on that the one with the clients owns the business and makes the rules. He liked that concept.

His books, educational programs and professional business are based on the concept that business owners take on tremendous risk and must protect; not only their business, family and most importantly themselves from additional risk.

As a business owner, your risk capital is invested in your business. The income you earn from the business must be protected from creditors, unnecessary income taxes, world and local market dynamics and stock market investment risk. Maintaining the health of your wealth is one of the keys to a successful retirement.

Howard's mission is to teach professionals that the only job security they will ever have is what they create themselves. Once we create it, Howard will show you how to assemble a financial team to assist you in managing and protecting your hard earned wealth.

The Rainmaker Lives Inside of You

Together we will find it. Create and preserve your wealth. You can have it all.



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