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Employer and Employee Benefits Consulting

Benefits Matter

Your employees matter

Attract the best and reward them accordingly.

Fortune 1000 type benefits are designed to attract, retain and reward employees. Benefits include non-wage compensation. Benefits can serve two purposes, provide protection and create wealth over time. You employees deserve both.

Benefits can be classified as traditional benefits and non-traditional benefits. They can also be classified as qualified and non-qualified benefits.

Traditional benefits include salary, health, vision, dental insurance and retirement plans.

Non-traditional benefits include time off, perks, and profit sharing.

Qualified benefits include all benefits provided where the employee gets a current tax deduction in that year, tax deferral and tax due when the money is taken out at then current income tax rates. An example of this is a 401K.

Non-qualified benefits include benefits where you do not receive a current tax deduction, usually receive a tax deferral on gains and tax free access to gains  through loans

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